Oakland Bike Patrol

Oakland Bike Patrol

The Oakland Bike Patrol consists of volunteers partnering with land managers and the Oakland Police Department to assist, educate, and inform trail users in order to enhance their recreational experience at Joaquin Miller & Dimond Parks. OBP is dedicated to preserving and maintining trail opportunities for mountain bikers in city parks. Volunteers provide maps and directions, monitor and report adverse trail conditions, encourage responsible riding, and assist in medical and mechanical emergencies. Best of all you get to ride some of the best east bay trails, serve your community, meet great people, and help ensure continued trail access.


The Oakland Bike Patrol helps improve the quality and safety of the parks, promote park and recreation facility usage, and ensure continued trail access for mountain bikers. Patrol volunteers provide the Oakland PD with specially trained volunteers to assist and educate the community making the parks safer and enjoyable for all users.

Park Patrol
Oakland Bike Patrol

Volunteer Duties & Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Ride through designated parks and trails monitoring user activities.
  • Provide information to park visitors concerning trail conditions, directions, general park information, and rules.
  • Provide first aid, search and rescue functions as needed.
  • Be familiar with local trails (training is available too).
  • Be a law abiding and safe rider. Trail courtesy towards all users is a must.
  • Log your hours in the Patrol database.
  • Complete a 5 step background check with Oakland Police Department that includes:
  1. In person interview with Oakland Police Department
  2. Background check – includes application submission
  3. Life Scan – Finger Prints
  4. Photo ID
  5. Oakland City Parks rules training
  • Complete first aid and CPR training.

Local Heroes

Vice Mayor Annie Campbell Washington honored patrollers Mike Kowalewski and Buzz Hines with the Local Heroes award for their volunteer work in the Oakland Bike Patrol. As avid mountain bikers, Mike and Buzz function as ambassadors, environmental stewards, emergency responders, information resource, and field mechanics in our trail community. Doesn't get any better then riding your bike on Oakland's unique network of narrow trails, while also helping to build community in the city you love!

Local Hereos